Important Announcement

A los Amigos vol. 9: The NEW EDITION!
It has been a difficult year, for everyone, but we choose to move forward despite all odds! We have been working very hard to make a tango festival in a post-covid era possible and safe for everyone to attend.
For this reason we would like to invite you to join us in this new-era-festival. For what will definitely be somewhat different, but -we opt for the best- as enjoyable as always an experience.
This is a time to reinvent ourselves, and make a reboot of all our previous knowledge. We strongly believe that taking the first step takes courage & lots of faith, but we have plenty of it, and we trust our friends to support us in this new adventure!
Thank you in advance & see you in Rethymno!
A los Amigos vol. 9 September 2-5, 2021
Sofia, Manolis & The Team