There can be no “Amigos” without them!

We have the great honour to welcome back in our festival, two living myths of Tango, masters of masters, the amazing Mariano CHICHO & JUANA!

Musicality and Improvisation at its best. Dynamics and Sensitivity. Technical purity and Communication. Absolute perfection and true Poetry in motion. Their dance brings tears in our eyes!


We can talk for hours about them, but in one word we’ll just say that we are simply in love with them!

With a style that identifies them for their musicality and virtuosity, ARIADNA Naveira and FERNANDO Sanchez combine the essential tools of tango with the inherent feeling of the embrace. They complement each other in a harmonious dance that mixes the viewpoint of a modern Tango with the essence of an “old-school” dance. Their teaching is clear, compact and solid and one more tool to spread their love of the dance in all of its expressions.

Ariadna and Fernando are simply Tango!


Federico started dancing tango at the age of 8 and was partners for many years, with his sister Ariadna. He practically grew up in the Milonga, watching the great Maestros and benefiting from the enlightened teaching of their mother Olga Besio and their father Gustavo Naveira.
Sabrina is an accomplished dancer and has participated in several tango shows that have been around the world (Forever Tango, Tango passion,Tango Passion, O’tango and Tanguera).

Federico and Sabrina have been dancing together since 2011 and are a key couple in the new generation of Buenos Aires!
So young but with so much experience and legacy, they explore again and again the possibilities and the elasticity of the closed abrazo, in an ample and creative tango, and perform all over the world! We are happy to have the back in Crete.


Playful, dynamic, with a great sense of humour in their dance, traditional & modern at the same time. They have created their very personal style, rooted firmly in the teachings of the old milongueros, but interpreted in a unique, fully novel way with a great touch of “pimienta” (spicy).
We missed them a lot so here they are again!

Enjoyment at the highest level brought to you by the one and only PEQUE & MARIELA!