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Ambassadors’ Contacts

(Click on each ambassadors name to send an instant and direct email in order to get the coupon code)

  1. Austria: Katarzyna Brzoza
  2. Cyprus: Yiota Belegrati
  3. Cyprus: Pambina Lazaridou
  4. Estonia: Margus Kivi
  5. France: Jan Tumpach
  6. France/Poland: Dominika Marciniak
  7. Germany: Theofilos Ioannidis
  8. Greece (Athens): Christian Vassiou
  9. Greece (Heraklion/Rethymno): Sofia Galanaki
  10. Greece (Chania): Yana Shvets
  11. Greece (Chania): Tonia Papadaki
  12. Greece (Ioannina): Giorgos Nikou
  13. Greece (Thessaloniki): Magda Voukelatou
  14. Italy/Malta: Angelo Grimaldi
  15. Italy: Ciccio Aiello
  16. Lebanon: Lina Hamaoui
  17. Portugal: Isabel & Nelson
  18. Romania: Iulia Crang
  19. Romania: Ana Maria Gindila
  20. Serbia: Miloš Kolarević
  21. UK: Silvia Bivolaru
  22. UK/Greece: Grigoris Katsavos
  23. USA: Prb Tango
  24. Germany: Vanglelis Theodorakis
  25. Romania: Mela Vlad