Due to the unstable situation caused by the pandemic of Covid-19 we have decided to postpone our festival this year. Next dates are 1-5 September 2021.

Instead we offer an ONLINE EDITION of A LOS AMIGOS. You can register online as usual and attend the classes, milongas & all special events we have prepared for you.  Once you complete your payment (choosing either bank transfer or paypal) you will receive your personal links to join the activities. We hope to see you online and wish you all the best.

Sofia, Manolis & Team

Registration tips for a better A los Amigos Online experience

Thank you for joining us on this online-festival-adventure. Your participation helps us a lot to keep things “alive” in these strange & difficult times. This page will provide advice for having the best A LOS AMIGOS ONLINE experience possible.

UPDATE ON REGISTRATION DEADLINE: We will keep online registration open during the festival so that you can pay last-minute. After submitting your registration, you can either pay directly to our bank account or paypal your payment to Please send us the payment slip in order to receive your personal zoom links  for your online activities.

Please never share any links in a public format like social media or on a website. Your links are personal & non-transferable. Thank you!

Before the festival

  • Download the latest version of zoom before the festival:
  • Check that you have the latest version by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner, then click “Check for Updates.”
  • It is recommended to use zoom on a computer when possible, rather than on a mobile device.
  • You can test your device and configuration settings before the meeting:
  • Find a headset with headphones/microphone and use that when you are sitting in front of the computer for a lecture/talk.
  • Test out the space where you are going to dance (if you are taking dance classes). Make sure you have enough space and a smooth floor. Make sure you can hear the computer audio and see the screen.
  • All registrants should now have their zoom links. Please email us immediately if you are missing the links you need to logon to the activities your registered for.

During the festival

  • World Clock so you know when activities are happening in your local time zone.
  • Use the link that has been sent to you by email to login to each activity you are registered for. (The links for the free activities will be posted on our site & fb page). Each festival activity has its own link.
  • Enter the meeting ID, password, and your display name when prompted.
    – If you’re already signed in, change your name if you don’t want your default name to appear.
    – If you’re not signed in, simply enter your name as you wish it to appear.
    – Select if you would like to connect audio and/or video and click Join.
  • In most cases, you will enter the event muted. Please default to being muted, except when you are invited to talk by the teacher/lecturer or monitor/moderator.
  • Questions are best asked via the chat. If an instructor needs you to verbally clarify a question, you will be unmuted.

Zoom Help
If you are unable to solve a zoom problem on your own, you can send us a mail putting VTF ZOOM Help in the subject line:

  • Sofia (festival director):

If you have a customer service inquiry during the festival, please send it to the above mails as well.

Thank you and let the fun begin!