There can be no “Amigos” without them!
We have the great honour to welcome back in our festival, two living myths of Tango, masters of masters, the amazing Mariano CHICHO & JUANA!

Musicality and Improvisation at its best. Dynamics and Sensitivity. Technical purity and Communication. Absolute perfection and true Poetry in motion. Their dance brings tears in our eyes!



The embodiment of beauty and elegance! We are happy to welcome for the first time in our festival this iconic couple, who will bring all their mastery & beauty to our event:
Sebastian and Roxana are simply Tango! Two amazing artists with a great trajectory behind them and an amazing addition to our cast!
Fluidity, technique, elegance, embrace are just some of the elements that they profess. We are happy to welcome them on board A los Amigos!


They have been with us since the very beginning of the festival (actually the name “A los Amigos” describes -among other things- the bond between them & Sofia, as the festival was created as an “excuse” for some friends to meet up in Crete, back in 2013).
GEORGIA Priskou & LOUKAS Balokas have left their brand in the greek scene, as one of the most influential couples and have been working in all major events around the world making us all happy and very proud! A Greek tango couple that exceeds all frontiers, and is a pure joy to watch!
Georgia and Loukas are just wonderful!

Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino


Young and bold! Two amazing dancers & teachers, Lorena & Gianpiero, are the perfect combination of technique, musicality & boldness!

They bring tango to its limits, always searching for the impossible, that in the end becomes easy. A true pleasure for the eyes! We are happy to have them along!