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    Dancers looking for a partner

    We wish you good luck in finding a partner, and we hope to welcome you to our festival!
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    Christiana Neophytou, Female, 35 years old, <12 years of experience, acting as Leader, 158 cm tall.

    Hello my name is Christiana Neophytou and i am from Cyprus. I am an intermediate/advance dancer. I started Tango in 2011 and i moved to Argentina from 2015 to 2020. I don’t like vals but i love milonga.
    I love close embrace and creativity. I also like to change roles in order understand both roles. I am not the best leader but i like to learn !!!!!!

    Andrei, Male, 37 years old, <1 year of experience, acting as Leader, 180 cm tall.

    Hello all
    I am a beginner/intermediate leader, in love head over heels with tango ever since I stumbled a few months ago into a milonga, one cold and rainy evening in London. Looking for a follower for seminars & workshops.
    Tango vibes, exquisite location, great teachers – can’t wait!

    Grigoris K. , Male, 29 years old, 2,5 years of experience, acting as Leader, 181 cm tall.

    Hello tango friends!
    I’m Greg living and dancing in London. I have been dancing for 2.5 years but in the last year I dance every 2-3 days. I can dance in both open and close embrace and I enjoy more the dramatic tango songs. I appreciate humour, kindness and patience on learning. 😊

    Jeraldine , Female, 41 years old, 10 years of experience, acting as Follower, 160 cm tall.

    Hello there, I’m a British-Australian who found this beautiful dance initially through falling in love with the music. Have been dancing in London, BsAs and Sydney since 2005. Looking for someone who loves the embrace and can enjoy both the deep connection and playfulness of tango

    Gabri Di Giorgio, Male, 59 years old, 7 years of experience, acting as Leader, 160 cm tall.

    Ciao, an italian Miss, looking for a partner to participate a workshop\seminar, which One, we can decide together, enjoy 🥰

    Alexandre , Male, 22 years old, 1 year of experience, acting as Leader, 168 cm tall.

    Hi, I am a young tanguero from Montreal. Although I have only been dancing tango for a year, I have been doing so very intensively (I now do five days a week) as this is a new passion for me. I also have strong prior dance experience with swing dancing, salsa and ballet. I learned to dance in close embrace, so I am more comfortable in milonguero style, but I do not mind switching to open during the dance to have a more fluid connection. I love everything from classical to nuevo, but my favorite orquestas are Troilo, Pugliese and Hugo Diaz. I would like to attend the workshops of the festival in order to better my dance, and are therefore looking for a partner to do so!

    Tatiana Nozdrachova, Female, 37 years old, 6 years of experience, acting as Follower, 164 cm tall.

    Hello guys! I’m an intermediate level follower from Minsk.
    I enjoy improvisation in tango. The greatest value in tango for me is mutual respect, contact and accepting hugs. In communication I appreciate humor, lightness and sincerity.
    I send you warm hugs♡.

    Celia, Female, 35 years old, 2 years of experience, acting as Follower, 160 cm tall.

    Hello milongueros
    I love tango connection and creative moves.

    Anamaria, Female, 53 years old, 5 years of experience, acting as Follower, 167 cm tall.

    Can’t wait to learn more

    Nina, Female, 50 years old, 2 years of experience, acting as Follower, 169 cm tall.

    I love Kreta and I love dancing tango in open and closed embrace ,so It’s fantastic to connect it .
    I be been dancing tango intensively for two years .
    I’m looking forward to meet other dancers , hanging out and dance with them .

    So it would be nice to find a leader to do some workshops and seminars
    See you

    Kadri Känd, Female, 55 years old, 4 years of experience, acting as Leader, 164 cm tall.

    Tango is my passion!

    Cristina, Female, 51 years old, 4 years of experience, acting as Follower, 155 cm tall.

    Hi I am an intermediate follower. I have been studying in Italy and London, where I live now. I love either closed and open embrace, accordingly to what the music asks. I am looking for a partner who simply wants to connect and creatively interpret leads.

    Martina Casabianca, Female, 38 years old, 3 years of experience, acting as Follower, 163 cm tall.

    Thank you in advanced.

    Ban B, Female, 38 years old, 2 years of experience, acting as Follower, 162 cm tall.

    Hi all!
    I’m from Jordan, living in Amman where I started my affair with tango just under two years ago. I’m taking classes regularly and dancing socially whenever I can. I’m an intermediate(ish) follower and I’m really excited to try out a couple of seminars with a leading partner, preferably someone who’s at my level or a little more advanced. I love exploring all types of dances, embraces, and techniques and I really want to upgrade my skills. I’m patient, committed, and I always have fun on the dance floor 🙂 Hit me up and we can talk seminars.